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Working together with pianists and composers
to foster a public awareness
of original piano music in the arts, and in our world.
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Congratulations to our 2019 Enlightened Piano Radio Award Winners!
Brian Kelly
  (Tomorrow’s Daydream)
Solo Piano
Cathy Oakes
  (On the Other Side)
Piano with Instrumentation
Keith Tim Anderson
  (Waiting’s End)
Best New Artist
Pam Asberry
  (Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind)
Best Holiday Album
Eric Bikales
  (Follow Your Heart)
Best Jazz Album
Dan Kennedy
(Mountains Made of Shadow, Anthems Made of Light)
Album of the Year
Rebecca Harrold
Lifetime Achievement Award
Performances were held at the Place des Arts in Montreal, Quebec
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Donovan Johnson
President/Program Director
Cathy Oakes
Vice Pres./Artist Relations Director
Louis Colaiannia
Rebecca Harrold
Judson Hurd
Member at Large