David Whaler

David Whaler
Reviewed by Judson Hurd

Mosaic is the newest album by David Wahler. I looked up artist David Wahler and found that he is a very prolific artist in the new age genre with six albums to date. The album has soothing synth, piano, light vocals, and pads along with other instruments. If you are a fan of Vangelis or other synth based music you will love this album.
“Mosaic” is the first track that starts with a gentle keyboard lead and then continues with subtle pads. It continues to build until haunting vocals come in and fade out the piece. “Afterain” beings with some subtle nature sounds and then some descending piano chords that put the listener in a dream like state. “A Promise to Keep” starts with simple piano notes in left hand and simple high notes that really set the mood. Simple but very relaxing and the mood stays relaxed with the pad coming in to complement the melody.
“Child of the Universe” starts with dramatic strings with a very sad and expressive vibe. It reminds me of music I would hear during a nature documentary. Vocals come in with the same sad feeling but when piano comes in it changes the mood of the piece to a more happy place. Beautiful! “August Cloud” is the next piece and starts with piano and a very beautiful synth sound. I love the synth sound and this is probably my favorite piece. The synth sounds in “August Cloud” remind me of the work of Vangelis which I am a huge fan.
“Elysian Dawn” is another piece that starts with nature sounds and soft keyboard leads. Contemplative vocals come in to complement the melody that synth takes over. I would love to know who is singing the vocal line because she has a very beautiful voice. “Heading Home” beings with piano and the continues with light, soothing percussion again with voice. I love David Wahler’s use of percussion in his music. He doesn’t have too much and it adds to the gentle, peaceful vibe of his music.
“Lone Sky Night” was a piece that caught my attention. I love pieces that can put scenes in my mind and this is one of them. It reminds me of the earlier music of Yanni and puts images in my head of staring at a full night of sky of stars in the middle of the desert. Of course, everyone is going to have different images and that is what makes music beautiful.
If you are a fan of electronic new age music I highly recommend this album!